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Motors not working after Windows 8.1 Update

Apr 10, 2014 at 6:24 PM
As I'm sure most people writing apps for Windows 8 did, I downloaded the recently released Windows 8.1 Update. However, something very strange started happening with my EV3 code after that. I am still able to get the values from my Touch sensors, but my motors stopped working. I did not change any of my code from what it was before installing the update, and it worked then (or I was at least able to make the motors turn), but now the motors may as well be disconnected, because they will not turn at all. I am connecting using Bluetooth, and I know the connection is working because I am able to get the values from the Touch sensor. Is this a new bug in Windows 8.1 Update? Is there something that needs fixed in the EV3 API? Is there something I am missing from my code that needs changed for Windows 8.1 Update? Did anybody else have this happen to them? Thanks.
Apr 11, 2014 at 11:32 PM
OK, I don't know why it wasn't working before, but it is now, so I guess I should just tell everyone to ignore this thread. I guess it was just one of those things where your machine decides to be in a bad mood for a day…
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